Duys Tanks Warranty


The Tank is guaranteed for a period of 8 years for water storage or 3 years for chemical storage, from date of purchaser against faulty workmanship and material defects. It is warranted that the tank is suitable for the use stipulated by the purchaser at the time of purchase, but it subject to the raw material manufacturer`s limitations regarding chemical compatibility.

All Tanks are subject to our standard quality tests for impact, cure and thickness with the relative information archived for future reference

The guarantee is limited to repair/replacement of a defective unit at point of purchase and does not cover any consequential loss or damage. This guarantee will not apply in the event of, but not limited to, any of the following:

  • Filling rate must not exceed overflow rate.
  • Incorrect installation. A copy of the minimum requirements for satisfactory installation on request.
  • Damage sustained during handling, storage, Installation or subsequent modifications i.e. welding modifications.
  • Damage or discolouration of the tank due to storage of chemical agents not recommended by Duys Rotomoulders.
  • Damage, failure leakage resulting from broken, loose or incorrectly and over tightened installed fittings or the use of metal/steel fittings.
  • Exposure to excessive heat.
Transport tanks
  • Foundation or stand must be large enough to support the entire base of the tank and must be strong enough to carry full load of the tank taking into consideration the S.G of the material to be stored.
  • Supporting base must be smooth and level and free from sharp objects.
  • Vertical Tanks mounted on tank stands must be tied down using tie-downs points moulded in for this purpose. The tie-downs` should be tight enough to secure the tank when empty but should not be over tightened to cause distortion of the tank
Horizontal Tanks
  • Where used for transport or mounted on stands should have adequate straps tensioned to restrain the tank not distort or stress the fitting. It is important to ensure that fittings are made of material compatible with the liquid to be stored in.
  • Tanks must not be installed in areas where they will be subject to excessive heat or exposure to aggressive chemicals not compatible with the material.
  • All replacements/ values are subject to a pro rata to a calculation, based on usage and remaining guarantee period.
Duys Tanks does not accept responsibility for installation and structural costs in case of repair or replacement. CONTACT NUMBER (011) 769 2738

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