Plastic Barriers and Custom Plastic Moulded Products

Plastic Barriers

Duys Tanks also manufacturers various barriers as well as a range of secondary products from its high-quality polyethylene materials.

Various Colours

Duys Tanks are UV-resistant and chemical-resistant polyethylene tanks which are available in a range of colours to suit any domestic, commercial or industrial application.

Upto 8 Years Warranty

Duys Tanks are guaranteed for a period of 8 years for water storage or 3 years chemical storage.

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Plastic Barriers and Custom Plastic Moulded Products

Gone are the days of ugly water storage tanks, at Duys Tanks we are pleased to announce that we have extended our range of modern, funky colours and finishes to ensure that our tanks suits its application and environment.

As one of South Africa’s leading water / chemical and liquid storage tanks supplier, Duys Tanks prides itself in the high quality and performance of our plastic storage tanks and products.

Duys Tanks is a well established force in the Industrial Rotational Moulding Industry. Our factory situated in Krugersdorp, can produce a wide variety of products to cater for industrial, commercial, retail and domestic market sectors.

Whether it be small and intricate, tough and durable or large and uniform, rotational moulding is the answer.

Duys Tanks Colours Available:

Our range of tanks come in the following wide variety of colours to compliment your needs: